Careers Office

It is never too early to start considering your future career. It is the role of the FIU Careers Office to help you in your search for future employment and make sure that when you graduate you are ready for the world of work. In order to succeed, we help you with:

  • Establishing what opportunities your degree will provide you with.

Careers in Computer Engineering 

Careers in Electrical and Electronic Engineering 

Careers in Business 

Careers in Tourism and Hospitality Management 


  • Understanding the costs and benefits of taking higher degree programs.



  • Understanding the skills employers are looking for.

Example of what companies are looking for 


  • Preparing your cv and application letters.

How to write your cv

How to write a job application letter 

  • Preparing an employment portfolio.

Examples of student e-portfolios

  • Preparing for job interviews.

Getting ready for job interviews

  • Opportunities and Vacancies

Job opportunities and vacancies will be announced here as they arise.





  • Providing certificated short courses, seminars and workshops to help expand your portfolio.
  • Providing on campus voluntary work experience opportunities.

Preparing for work-experience and internship programs.