Careers Office

It is part of the mission and philosophy of FIU that the University offers an education that is practical in orientation, and prepares students thoroughly for the world of employment. The FIU Careers Office has been established in order to provide an ongoing service that begins from the point of registration and continues both to any beyond the point of graduation. In specific it is the role of the Careers Office to:

  • Develop a library of career-related resources.
  • Offer workshops and seminars on career-related themes and opportunities.
  • Develop links with potential employers both locally and internationally.
  • Establish work experience and internship opportunities for students both locally and internationally.
  • Help students develop employability skills, including presentation and interview skills, cv writing, and employment portfolios.
  • Provide voluntary certificated work experience for students both inside and outside the University.
  • Work with the Continuing Education Center to provide relevant short courses and international qualifications that will improve student work prospects.