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Traditional and Alternative Evaluation Methods Concerning Education was Considered On a Preferential Basis At Final International University

Evaluation Methods Considered at Final International University Seminar

A seminar entitled "Traditional and Alternative Assessment in Education" was held at Final International University as part of in-service training for academic staff. Both traditional and alternative evaluation methods were explored in the seminar, which was conducted by the Dean of the Educational Sciences Faculty, Prof. Dr. Serdar Erkan. The seminar was part of a series of in-service training events that included computer skills development and which are one part of FIU’s policy of strengthening and updating academic and administrative staff skills.

Surveying the field, Dr. Erkan pointed out that measurement and evaluation of learning is one of the most essential educational competencies, and that evaluation needs be conducted before, during and after the instructional process. Dr. Erkan noted that research has revealed that measurement and evaluation is one area in which instructors have expressed doubts about their skills, and that there was a need to raise these skills to the same level as those evident in their roles as classroom teachers.

The seminar emphasized that alternative techniques such as performance tasks, projects and student portfolios were not techniques to be used instead of traditional examination types such as written examinations, multiple choice, short answer questions, right-wrong and matching materials, but rather to be used in conjunction with them. The most important advantages of alternative techniques, or “performance evaluation’’ were that they were based on real life situations and allowed for the measurement of multiple cognitive, affective and psycho-motor behaviours together; this did not though mean the abandonment of conventional pen and paper testing. The central issue is knowing the characteristics of each technique and selecting the right technique for the right purpose. The use of different measurement and evaluation techniques and methods will enrich the quality of our data and improve the quality of our teaching. The seminar then further explored the strengths and weaknesses of individual techniques and issues that should be taken into consideration in preparation.


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