Health and Insurance

State Health Insurance

As part of their fees, all international students make an annual payment of 60 USD into our state insurance system. This means that free treatment is available through the state system for standard illnesses and accidents. The nearest state hospital is in Kyrenia, about ten minutes’ drive from the University.

Private Health Insurance

Additional private health and travel insurance schemes can also be purchased either locally or through our international partners. These schemes offer more comprehensive cover and access to the private health sector locally, and, if necessary abroad. Prices vary according to scheme but start at around 30 USD per month.

Click here  for a sample of what private insurance schemes offer.

Please contact our office if you are interested in extra coverage, since our partners provide us with discounts for multiple bookings.

FIU Health Services

The Final International University Health Center is staffed by a doctor and nurse throughout the year, and provides free basic care and attention, and referrals as necessary.

Our Psychological Counselor & Psychotherapy Services meanwhile help students deal with adaptation to university life, and such issues as stress, anxiety, depression and sleep disorders.

The FIU Health Center is also responsible for ensuring control of waste, and the cleanliness and hygiene of all university services, including cafeterias and dormitories.

Pharmacies and Medicines

Pharmacies in North Cyprus are of a high standard and very well-stocked. A rota ensures that a nearby pharmacy will always be open whatever time of day or night.

However, if you rely on a particular specialized medicine, please contact us, so that we can check availability and cost.