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Dean's Message

Prof. Dr. Cem Birol

Dear students of the Faculty of Educational Sciences at Final International University.

The future of a country depends on the education of its people. Hence, teachers play a critical role in the establishment of civilizations. Failure to appreciate this, on the other hand, has led to social collapse.

We are aware that we need to educate responsible individuals for the future of this country. Our faculty aims to educate our future generation to become sensitive individuals who are aware of both social and global realities, and able to find solutions to the problems they confront.

Final International University aims to develop a different perspective in the field of teacher training, research and education. At FIU, for the very first time in North Cyprus, through a systematic and efficient partnership between the Faculty and schools, teaching practice will continue throughout the entire duration of the educational programme.

Our faculty employs highly qualified scholars with expertise across a wide range of academic fields. With your support, we will be able to maintain the outstanding reputation of our scholars and accomplish even higher standards in the fields of science and education. The Faculty of Educational Sciences is always prepared to assist you with your academic studies.

 I wish you great success throughout your studies.

Member of Board of Trustees,
Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences
Prof. Dr. Cem Birol